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Bow Minicab

Discounts and other bonuses for regular users of our Bow taxicabs

Our exclusive 'Bow Cars Friends' services allows restaurants, hotels, bars, clubs and other businesses premier access to our twenty-four hour on-call minicab service. Companies that award us either a primary or secondary service provider agreement gain access to all the Bow cab services we normally offer, along with an extensive range of incentives, including:

10% Commission
We can offer a competitive reimbursement rate for every booking we receive. We keep things simple with a flat award – no minimum or maximum fees

Priority Booking
All our customers are treated with excellence, but the clients of 'Bow Cars Friends' receive the extra benefit of priority bookings. We ensure that all your customers who use our services receive the very best treatment possible.

Email Reports
We will keep a record of all your bookings and email them to you on a regular basis. This way you will receive detailed information of how you and your customers are using our Bow cab services

To learn more about this service, please call Bow Cars on 020 8981 1900.